Curriculum Vitæ

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Actual Position

2021 - today
Université de Paris, France
Interests/Research line
ARC2S at Unito

Professional Experience

2021 - today
Université de Paris, (CEPED and IRD)
Paris, France
2015 - 2020
Louvain la Neuve, Belgium
Université Catholique de Louvain (ICTEAM)
2011 - 2015
ISI Fundation
Torino, Italy
2006 - 2011
Bifi Institute
Zaragoza, Spain

Fellowships and Projects

2017 - today
Innoviris Iris-TB (D1.31402.007-F)
2015 - 2017
MOVE-IN Louvain Fellowship (with support of Marie Curie Actions)


2018 - today
SICC - Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity
2015 - today
Network Science Society
2014 - today
Complex Systems Society
2013 - today
Frontiers in Quantum Computing
Review Editor


1 Dec 2020
Complex Networks 2020
Madrid, Spain
Program Committee
10 Dec 2019
Complex Networks 2019
Lisbon, Portugal
Program Committee
22 Feb 2019
BeNet 2019
Hasselt, Belgium
Program committee
11 Dec 2018
Complex Networks 2018
Cambridge, UK
Program Committee
29 Nov 2017
Complex Networks 2017
Lyon, France
Program Committee
15 Dec 2016
BeNet 2016
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Organizing committee
30 Nov 2016
Complex Networks 2016
Milan, Italy
Program committee
21 Sep 2016
Coarse-graining of Complex Systems
CCS2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Organizing committee
2 Jun 2014
Quantum Frontiers for Network Science
NetSci 2014, Berkeley, California
Organizing committee


Advances in Complex Systems
Applied Network Science
APS (Physical Review E)
Journal of Complex Networks
Journal of Statistical Mechanics
Natural Computing
Science Advances
Scientific Reports


LINMA2111 Algorithms and Complexity
Assistant Professor
Université Catholique de Louvain
Physics and Math at primary school
Hetauda, Nepal
guide in Science Museum
Padova, Italy
Organizer: INFN


Univestità telematica Pegaso
PhD in Physics
University of Zaragoza
supervisor: Pierpaolo Bruscolini
Master in Physics and Technology
University of Zaragoza
supervisor: Pierpaolo Bruscolini
MSc in Physics
University of Padova
supervisor: Enzo Orlandini


State aggregations in Markov chains and block models of networks
M. Faccin, M.T. Schaub and j.-C. Delvenne
Complex Networks from Classical to Quantum
Communications Physics 2-53 (2019)
J. Biamonte, M. Faccin, M. De Domenico
Outbreak of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa undetected by WHO-endorsed commercial tests: an observational study
The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2018
Makhado, Matabane, Faccin, Pinçon, Jouet, Boutachkourt, Goeminne, Gaudin, Maphalala, Beckert, Niemann, Delvenne, Delmée, Razwiedani, Nchabeleng, Supply, de Jong, André
Entrograms and coarse graining of dynamics on complex networks
Journal of Complex Networks
M. Faccin, M.T. Schaub, J-C. Delvenne
Chiral Quantum Walks
Phys. Rev. A 93, 042302
D. L. Lu, J. D. Biamonte, J. Li, H. Li, T. H. Johnson, V. Bergholm, M. Faccin, Z. Zimborás, R. Laflamme, J. Baugh, and S. Lloyd
Mapping the topography of a protein energy landscape
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, 137 (46), pp 14610–14625
R. D. Hutton, J. Wilkinson, M. Faccin, E. M. Sivertsson, A. Pelizzola, A. R. Lowe, P. Bruscolini, L. S. Itzhaki
Community Detection in Quantum Complex Networks
Phys. Rev. X 4 (4 2014), p. 041012
M. Faccin, P. Migdał, T. H. Johnson, V. Bergholm, and J. D. Biamonte
Degree Distribution in Quantum Walks on Complex Networks
Phys. Rev. X 3 (4 2013), p. 041007
M. Faccin, T. Johnson, J. Biamonte, S. Kais, and P. Migdał
Quantum Transport Enhancement by Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking
Sci. Rep. 3 (2013). Ed. by NPG, p. 2361
Z. Zimboras, M. Faccin, Z. Kadar, J. Whitfield, B. Lanyon, and J. Biamonte
MS/MS Spectra Interpretation as a Statistical-Mechanics Problem
Analytical Chemistry 85.10 (2013), pp. 4884–4892
M. Faccin and P. Bruscolini
Ground-state spin logic
Europhysics Letters 99.5 (2012), p. 57004
J. D. Whitfield, M. Faccin, and J. D. Biamonte
Analysis of the equilibrium and kinetics of the ankyrin repeat protein myotrophin
The Journal of Chemical Physics 134.7, 075102 (2011), p. 075102
M. Faccin, P. Bruscolini, and A. Pelizzola

Conferences (Oral Contributions)

7-9 Dec 2020
Using predictive models and risk assessment tools to find unreported TB cases
Washingthon DC, USA (online)
Global Digital Health Forum 2020
20-24 Oct 2020
Data-driven TB active-case finding in South Kivu (DRC)
Paris, France (online)
The Union 2020
10-12 Dec 2019
Auto-information in non-Markovian diffusion systems
Lisbon, Portugal
Complex Networks 2019
22 Feb. 2019
Variable aggregation for dynamical systems on networks
Hasselt, Belgium
Benet 2019
23-28 Sept. 2018
A dynamical approach to block structure analysis
Thessaloniki, Greece
CCS 2018
11-15 Jun 2018
Dynamical Markov Modules
Paris, France
Netsci 2018
21-24 Mar 2017
Community detection in networks with non-Markovian dynamics
Dubrovnik, Croatia
CompleNet 2017
30 Nov-2 Dec 2016
Behind Communities: Dynamics Define Modules
Milan, Italy
ComplexNetworks 2016
19-22 Sep 2016
Beyond Communities: Dynamical Markov Modules
Amsterdam, Netherlands
CCS 2016
May 30-June 3 2016
Mesoscopic Structure And Diffusion Process Memory
Seoul, Korea
NetSci 2016
10-15 Jan 2015
Mesoscopic Structures and Diffusion Process Memory
Wrocław, Poland
NetSci-X 2016
2-6 Jun 2015
Structural controllability of EEG temporal causal networks
Zaragoza, Spain
NetSci 2015
22-26 Sep 2014
Quantum Approaches to Community Detection
Lucca, Italy
ECCS 2014
12-14 Mar 2014
Community detection on quantum systems
Bologna, Italy
CompleNet 2014
22-24 Jan 2014
Community Detection on Quantum Systems
Zaragoza, Spain
24-26 May 2013
Degree distribution in quantum complex networks
Waterloo, Canada
IQC workshop on quantum computation and complex networks
6-8 Nov 2012
Ground state spin logic
Torino, Italy
Tensor Network States and Algebraic Geometry Workshop
2-4 Feb 2011
Equilibrium and kinetics of the ankyrin repeat protein Myotrophin through a simple statiscical mechanical model
Zaragoza, Spain
V BIFI National Conference
5-7 Feb 2009
Bayesian Characterization of Protein Tandem Mass Spectra
Zaragoza, Spain
IV BIFI National Conference
8-9 May 2008
Noise description in MSMS mass spectrometry, looking for a de novo sequencing algorithm
San Sebastian, Spain
VI Jornadas Aragonesas de Estabilidad y Plegamiento de Proteínas

Conferences (Poster Contributions)

17-25 Sept 2020
State aggregation in non-Markovian systems by auto-information maximization
Rome, Italy
Netsci 2020
17-25 Sept 2020
The variability of network structures inferred from time series data
Rome, Italy
Netsci 2020
10-12 Dec 2019
The variability of network structures inferred from time series data
Lisbon, Portugal
Complex Networks 2019
1-3 July 2019
Variable aggregation on (broadcasting) networks
Trento, Italy
CCS/Italy 2019
23-25 Mar 2016
Memory and Mesoscopic Structures in Diffusion Processes
Dijon, France
Complenet 2016
7-10 Jul 2010
Folding Pathways Characterization for Ankyrin Repeat Protein Myotrophin
Zaragoza, Spain
IV Spanish Portuguese Biophysical Congress
2-6 Jun 2008
Statistical characterization of fragment ions in MSMS mass spectrometry
Sitges, Spain
XXI Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics: Statistical Mechanics of Molecular Biophysics

Computer skills

Python, C, C++, Matlab, Fortran
Bash, iPython/Jupyter
GIT, Subversion, Mercurial
Gnuplot, Matplotlib, PGFPlots(latex)
Latex, LibreOffice, MSOffice, Markdown
Gimp (Raster), Inkscape (Vectorial), Rawtherapee (RAW)
HTML5, CSS/SCSS, static site generators, Wordpress


Mother tongue