Complex Networks: from Classical to Quantum


where edges represent entangled links---and quantum computer algorithms have recently been proposed to offer super-polynomial enhancement for several network and graph theoretic problems. Here we review the results at the cutting edge, pinpointing the similarities and reconciling the differences found in the series of results at the intersection of these two fields. image: quantum-review.png tags: - quantum mechanics - networks - review bibtex: |- @Article{Biamonte2019, author = {Biamonte, J. and Faccin, M. and De Domenico, M.}, title = {Complex networks from classical to quantum}, journaltitle= {Communications Physics}, volume = {2}, version = {1}, date = {2019}, pages = {53}, urldate = {2019-05-21}, eprinttype = {arxiv}, eprint = {quant-ph/1702.08459}, url = {} doi = {10.1038/s42005-019-0152-6} }